Manicure Monday

shellac creekside

Hello my loves!

It’s been a while but I am finally back with another Manicure Monday.

I’ve decided to be lazy and go back to my shellac roots as it’s just so much easier to maintain than constantly worrying if my polish is going to chip.

This time I decided on the gorgeous Creekside which is a stunning pastel blue. I’m usually quite cautious when it comes to blue shades as in my opinion they tend to wash me out a tad (I think it’s because I have blue undertone) but since I have decided to embrace summer with a bit of fake tan I think it doesn’t look too bad. The colour is coming off a wee bit paler on camera than in person, it looks more blue. It’s such an easy shade to apply as you really only need two coats for it to be fully opaque which is a plus for when you’re in a rush. and don’t want to sit and cure it.

What colours are you loving at the moment?

Tasha x

Manicure Monday

Hello my loves!

Very surprisingly for me my last Shellac Manicure lasted almost 2 weeks, I know shellacs meant to last this long but being a Spa Therapist and having to do nail treatments doesn’t usually allow this luxury.

So for this week’s shellac Manicure I’ve actually gone for a mix of two colours, this is one of my favourite things about shellac. If the salon doesn’t have the exact shade your looking for you can actually layer two polishes together to get an entirely new colour, ┬ájust ask your therapist and they should know the best colour combo’s as were usually the first to experiment with them.

This weeks colour is a ┬ábase layer of Rose Brocade with everyone’s festive fave of Ruby Ritz on top.

I think the base layer of the rose really helps tone down Ruby Ritz which is usually a very bright Christmas Party Red.

What colours are you wearing on your nails this week?

Did you know you can layer your Shellac Colours?

Tasha x

Manicure Monday!

rubble nails


Hello My Loves

This week for my nails I’ve gone for a very seasonal colour in CND Shellac’s Rubble. I think this colour is suited perfectly to the weather we’ve been having in Scotland lately, is anyone else excited as I am about the snow? I think this shade is great as it goes with everything especially big cosy jumpers and sweaters that a definitely needed at the moment. I also love how it’s a quite subtle shade that makes me feel more grown up compared to my usual bright choices.

Do you like this colour? Also what shades are you loving at moment?

Tasha xx

Nails for the week.


One of the many perks of being a beauty therapist is to get one of your friends from work to paint your nails when you have a gap in your column. This usually involves bargaining and trading such “I will do your nails if you wax my legs or give me a spray tan” so really everyone’s a winner. For this week I chose shellac ‘Gotcha’ with ‘Locket Love’ on my ring finger. I love this bright pink and can’t wait till the winter months when I can go full out glitter nails for Christmas parties.

What are favourite nail colours at the moment?