The Body Shop – Polynesian Tiare

body shop poly

Hello my loves!

Now most of you know that I’m a huge Body Shop fan, they always have really good offers and promotions(perfect for gift buying) and I was lucky enough to be sent a few items from their new Polynesian Range.

I received the Shower Gel, Body Mist and Eau de Toilette. I believe that there may also be a body butter in the range. The colour scheme is a nice bright yellow with a flower pattern, perfect for the summer.

I would describe the scent as very tropical, it really reminded me of being on a nice Sunny Beach when on Holiday, it’s a nice mix of vanilla and coconut.

The shower gel creates a really nice lather from not much product so a little really does go a long way especially if you use a shower puff.  The scent does last a while for a shower gel which is a nice bonus.

I love Body Shops Body Mists to carry in my bag for a quick spritz throughout the day. The packaging is really nice and strong since it is a glass bottle so you know there’s not going to be any accidental leaks when your not looking. This scent it perfect for a quick refreshing pick me up when I’m stuck in the office. Again the scent is quite long lasting so you don’t need to go overboard with the spraying.

Last but by no means least is the Eau de Toilette. I think this is perfect for day wear rather than night time as I prefer a heavier scent (I love their Red Musk) I received so many compliments at work about what perfume I was wearing and so many were surprised it was from the Body Shop, most thought it would be something more expensive (I believe it will retail at £18) I did need a top up at lunchtime for the scent to stay prominent but you could still tell it was there it was just more subtle.  I think this would be the perfect perfume to take away with you on a sunny holiday or just to get you in the mood for Summer at home.

What is your favourite scent from The Body Shop?

Tasha x

Not worth the hype!

falsies maybelline

Hello my Loves!

Now I this post may be a controversial one as I know that this mascara has a lot of love in the blogging community but I’m just not one of them. I have tried on several occasions over the past couple months so see if I could get into it as I had really high hopes for it but alas achieving Gigi Hadid lashes its just not for me.

Maybelline claim the wand will add volume, lift and drama but unfortunately it did none of those for me. I found the formula clumped really easily with the rush design making it quite tricky to separate the lashes. I have been told on many occasions by my colleagues at the salon that I have really thick eyelashes so that probably didn’t help the situation. I did even try using a clean spoolie to help wiggle them free but no such left with the end result of me being left looking like I have roughly 5 lashes.

So if one of my friends asked for a recommendation for a high street mascara this one just doesn’t make the list.

No biggie, I’m not to upset over it as I believe I got it on offer on boots and I know Maybelline will be back with something better. This mascara just didn’t work for me but oh well it happens.

What mascara’s are you loving at the moment?

Tasha x

LVL Lashes

So at my work if we hit our targets we are rewarded by getting a free hour’s treatment in the Salon, which I think it a pretty great incentive. So for this months treatment I decided to try out Nouveau Lash LVL Enhance treatment.

Nouveau describes it as


Here is  little video from the founders explaining the treatment:

I’ve never been a fan of eyelash extensions which most people I work with find odd but then again I’m not a huge tan fan either and that’s a beauty therapists bread and butter.  I find extensions heavy on the eyes and a bit of a faff so to me they’re just not worth it so LVL sounded perfect to me, plus Michelle Keegan is a big fan and who doesn’t want to look like her

So during the treatment the therapist will first ask how much curl/lift you are looking for, there is 3 different size of shields to you find the best lift for you. She then uses special tape/shields to keep your lashes in place (this the part that feels weird as you really want to blink but can’t) She then applies a few serums while you lie back on the comfy and cosy treatment couch for around 40 mins. While the serum’s are working away my therapist did a little hand and arm massage for total relaxation.

She then removes the serums and tints and gently takes off the shields/tape to leave your eyes looking so much more awake and your lashes look like you’ve got mascara on already.

I think this is  fab treatment if your looking for bigger lashes but not a fan of extensions.

Here’s  pic of my before and after.

Is this a treatment that you think you might try?

Tasha xxx


For Christmas I received this Cleansing butter that I was lusting for, after reading brilliant reviews and the concept reminding so much of higher end products, like the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm. I was delighted to see this and I thought I ought to do a review on it..



The Cleansing butter is Camomile scented, which is very faint but nevertheless quite relaxing. Scented products are a No No when it comes to skincare , but then unscented products quite frankly stink, so this is a great in-between! The butter is a solid balm consistency but only takes a rub between your fingertips to create an oil/butter. From here, I spread the butter all over my palms and melt away my make up. Using massaging motions the oil dissolves the make up and leaves a yucky residue on the surface of your skin , which you then rinse off with water or a flannel. You are left which soft, buttery (see what I did there) skin that feels deeply cleansed and just damn clean.

I use this on the days where I have energy  to keep my eyes open to do skincare  (other days I just use Micellar Water and a cotton pad). Every time I do use it, my skin looks and feel lovely. At £12, it’s worth a try if you want something more for skincare . Plus, The Body Shop always have deals on so I’m sure you can get a couple bucks off if you are considering purchasing it.

Rating : 4/5 – I hate that I have to rinse it off, I’d much rather use a cotton pad because I’m so lazy! Also, I can imagine if you live in a hot country this would not last long…

Have you tried this product? What does your skincareroutine consist of?

Thanks for reading,

Adding a bit of Zing to your Skin

After a much needed few days in bed resting my poor little immune system back to health, I am back to blogging more frequently, yay! I bloomin’ hate being poorly and cannot stay in bed comfortably doing nothing for hours on end without driving myself up the wall so I am glad to be better and finally getting back into my little routine and caring for my lovely little piece of internet space again.

As well as my body feeling much healthier lately, my skin is also feeling AMAZING and it’s all thanks to a mini pot of orange goodness….
I recently purchased Origins GinZing energy-boosting moisturizer after hearing such glowing reviews about it.
I’ve been using this little beauty for two weeks now and let me just tell you…IT IS AMAZING!!
It has done wonders for my skin, both in appearance and the feel of it and don’t even get me started on the smell. Orange scents are my favourite ever and this is probably the best smelling beauty product there is, I literally want to eat it (I won’t…)
At first the price did put me off a little as at £23 for 50ml it seemed a little pricey, but honestly you barely need to apply anything as the coverage is so great. After 2 weeks I think I’m still using the excess product from the lid! What’s even greater about it too is the fact that it’s a day and night time moisturizer which works perfectly for me as I’m too lazy to find myself a suitable night cream!
It is infused with caffeine as well as orange so it literally wakes your skin up and brightens it, which is just the thing for me as my porcelain skin has a tendency to look really dull!
I cannot say enough good things about this moisturizer, and I’m interested to try more products from the GinZing range! I think the eye cream will be the next on the shopping list to see if it can banish my dreaded under eye circles!
Have you any Origins product recommendations? Have you tried this moisturizer too? Let me know your thoughts 🙂
As for me now, I’m off for a steaming bubble bath and cuddles with my other half…
Goodnight lovelies!
Always, Tasha x

Lollitint Review

As a huuuuge fan of all Benefit cosmetics, I’ve been eyeing up the Lollitint for a little while now – and finally invested! 🙂
I’m never usually disappointed with Benefit and this product was no exception, thankfully. This candy- orchid lip and cheek stain is priced at £24.50, a little pricey but it goes a long way.

download (1)

Now I have quite a fair skinned complexion, and this looks lovely and rosy on my own cheeks. Plus you can control how much you use of course, so it’s quite versatile. I have seen it on darker skin too anyway, which looks amazing. So it does seem to compliment quite a range of skin types, but I would try a tester before buying, just to be sure.
My own little tip for wearing this on your cheeks would be apply it quickly! It really does stain in the one spot you’ve popped it on, so rub it in straight away in a circling motion. A trick I also like to use is applying a little to a fluffy brush and buffing it onto the cheeks.


Now as for wearing it on your lips, it seems fine. As I’ve said, it’s a lovely little tint and doesn’t feel heavy. But to be honest I would probably stick to using this on my cheeks for myself, as I have a lot of other lip products I adore. It’s still an awesome product in my opinion though, even as just a cheek stain.

Try it yourselves though if you get the chance, and let me know!
Have you used this? Do you love/hate it?
Feel free to leave some comments, and remember to subscribe! 🙂



Hi lovelies! Today I went shopping in the sales and while I had very little luck in the clothing department, I did find these little beauties hiding at the till point in Clinton Cards! They weren’t marked as sale items, but I figured as they were Christmas scents they probably were and I was right! One thing I always need at Christmas is more candles and these babies were down from £7.99 to just £3.99 each, which is amazing for such gorgeous quality candles, so how could I possibly say no?DSCF2727

Bomb Cosmetics Candles are very similar to Lily Flame candles, all presented in gorgeous little tins, with cutesy packaging and pretty little coloured wax shapes (in this case cute little hearts) stuck into the candle itself. Despite having Christmas names, I thought these two would still be appropriate for after christmas as they’re not obviously Christmassy looking and the scents are both pretty, sweet, girly scents, fab for all year round! Mistletoe Kiss is described on the Bomb Cosmetics site as “A luxurious oriental accord of patchouli, vanilla, warm spice and musk. A vibrant twist of mandarin, red berries and orange open the fragrance”, I do smell the fruit and vanilla, but at the same time, this candle is quite a light, fresh scent, while still having a warm, homely smell – just gorgeous! Snowberry Cupcakes is described as “A sweet treat of festive berries, glazed in caramel and sugar for a sweet cupcake delight. With pure myrrh and ylang ylang essential oils”, which I totally agree with! Again, its a warm scent and fills the entire room with it’s gorgeous fragrance, but it’s also super sweet, with fruity/ berry/ bakery scents all rolled into one beautiful, very girly candle.DSCF2734

If you can get to a Clintons any time soon, I’d definitely recommend keeping an eye out for these candles, particularly if you love sweet and girly scents. My Clintons also had other scents in Secret Santa and Chocolate Orange, but Bomb Cosmetics have a whole range of beautiful candles to choose from so it’s definitely worth a peek!

What do you think? What’s your favourite candle at the moment?

Review – Batiste Dry Shampoo

Batiste Monochrome, Floral, Oriental Dry Shampoo
Hello my Loves!
I’m one of these people who loves big hair, and most the time the way I achieve it is with a can of dry shampoo. Not only does this saviour leave you with fresh locks, but also full of volume. Without a shadow of a doubt, Batiste is the best dry shampoo out there. I have got my close seconds, but nothing has actually topped it for me and I always have at least two cans of this in my stash. Whenever I see a new one come out, I have to try it! 
Monochrome is scented with Pepper and Orange Blossom to give a spicy twist; Floral is scented with Blossom, Rose, Orange and Peach for a sweeter, softer scent; and Oriental is scented with a blend of fruit, flowers and coconut for those with a much more exotic taste. It’s so close between all of them as to which is my favourite, but I think Floral just takes the lead! 
These dry shampoos keep hair clean and fresh looking, without a horrible grey trace at the roots in between washes. They’re seriously so great, and definite drugstore must haves. 
What’s your favourite dry shampoo?
Do you have a favourite Batiste scent?
Tasha x 

Warming Mineral Mask By Body Shop


Hello my Lovelies!!

The body shop always has amazing deals on their skincare lines, I’m such a fan of their tea tree line for when my skin is being a bit hormonal and more on the oily side and recently when I was in store if you spent over £20 on skincare you got a choice of a free product. Out of the options available I went for the Warming Mineral Mask as I’m a sucker for clay based masks.

The mask is a light greyish in colour and really easy to apply. The directions do state for it to be applied to wet skin however I would recommend only a slight dampness as with kaolin based products too much moisture does tend to make them slide off the skin. What I enjoyed about this, is that when you apply it, it gets hot.  And I mean HOT! I was shocked about how warm this got as I applied it to my skin.  It means to open up your pores and get the clay way down deep in your skin and the hot temperature only lasts for about 5 seconds and then it feels normal.

My skin definitely felt tighter after using it, and drop dead clean. My moisturiser absorbed into my skin like nobody’s business, that is usually what happens after I use this clarifying mask. It does a nice job of drawing out impurities from my skin.

A Little Advice:

Now, this is not a product you want to overuse, because over scrubbing with it might give you breakouts. So make sure you use it only once or twice a week max. I always yearn to use it more after I see the results, but somehow I’ve managed to control my urge. :) I know that using it can be easily addictive, but you can’t go crazy with it!

Key Ingredients:

Here’s a quick description of the main ingredients, if you’re like me I always need to know what I’m actually putting on on my skin and why it’s in the product.

Kaolin Clay – helps control shine. Deeply cleanses, drawing out impurities from the skin, it is a mineral to help restore the skins natural balance.

Wild-harvested seaweed – is renowned for its conditioning and hydrating benefits, while its non oily nature makes it particularly suitable for normal to oily skin types.

Zeolite – releases heat on contact with water, providing warming sensation on skin that helps draw out impurities.

Overall, I like this mask and will definitely use it up.  I don’t know if I would repurchase because the Body Shop has so many masks that I want to try.  But it definitely lessens any oil I may have, and helps control shininess for the next day.  While I don’t always have a problem with oily skin, I like to not have to worry about shine in my t-zone.  I love that it gets as hot as it does but be warned, its hot.  It is a little drying though, so if you have really dry skin this might not be for you.  For anyone with normal, combination or oily, I would recommend this.

What masks are you loving at the moment?

Tasha xxx