Neom Organics – Real Luxury


Hello my Loves!

As a total candle junkie I love trying new scents so when I saw this Neom Candle in TK Maxx for 50% off it’s retail price I couldn’t resist. TK Max is definitely one of my fave places to pick up expensive home fragrances for a much more purse friendly price.

The scent itself is a complex blend of 24 of the purest possible essential oils including lavender, jasmine & Brazilian rosewood, all expertly blended to help you feel calm and banish stress.

The lavender to me is the most prominent tone so this candle is perfect for those who have trouble switching off or trouble sleeping. The name is very suiting as the  scent is pure luxury or as my friend stated, ” Your house smells super posh.”

The candle’s scent easily fills a room so you will get plenty of use out of it’s 50 hour burn time, I tend to only have to light it for around an hour and find the scent lasts for the rest of the evening.

Have your tried any of Neom’s range?

Song of the Week!

So this weeks song of the week is Ellie Goulding – Beating Heart.

Now I’m  huge fan of Ellie but had totally forgot about this song, it wasn’t until I re watched Divergent (btw how good is that films soundtrack) that I heard it again and am now addicted to it again.

Recently Iv’e been getting back into my running and find it easier with my schedule to go in the evenings but music is an essential to keep me motivated, even though Ellie’s style is probably not typical to run to I find it really motivating to keep pace with. Also evening running gives me so many photo opportunities at the moment with the lovely weather Scotland’s been having, so many pretty skies and water shots have been taken.

I really forget how pretty my hometown can be  #sea #pretty #beauty #view #Scotland #sunset
Who would believe this is rainy old Scotland.

What music are you guys loving at the moment?

Tasha xx

Champneys Spa Indulgence Bubble Heaven

I have always wanted to try Champneys bubble bath products as I have heard so many positive things about them. I have tried all three of these products (they came in a set) and each one smells divine. The first one, the pink bottle, contains passion fruit and mango extracts and citrus oils. It smells lovely, sweet scented, but fresh at the same time. The red bottle contains silk proteins, ylang ylang and patchouli. This smells richer, and more strong, but again lovely. The third is my favourite, I am a sucker for all things coconut, and this one has coconut milk, papaya and ylang ylang. Its lovely and not overly coconut. If you like a hint of coconut but not anything too overpowering, this is for you. 
I am so impressed by how much bubbles a tiny bit of this product gives. The first bath I had I didn’t realise that you didn’t need much and put a fair bit in, bubbles were everywhere, rookie error. The second time I used about a size of a 2p coin and that was ample. These are going to last me a while and will obviously be great value for money! I love them, and can’t wait to try more Champneys products out 🙂 


Relaxation Techniques and Tips


Hello everyone!
 I may not talk about it much but I often have trouble staying calm and relaxing, and I don’t allow myself much time to wind down and not think about anything, so I thought I’d write a post on ways to stay relaxed and calm, in case anybody struggles with a similar thing!

Have a bath
People often suggest this to me, but I really do find it helps. If I have one handy, I like to use a Lush bath bomb, but if I don’t, then I’ll use a nice smelling bath gel. I also like to listen to music or read in the bath, just taking my time and (trying to) not worry about anything else.

Be in a tidy space

I’m not a naturally neat or tidy person, and I often let things get on top of me, meaning I don’t tidy my room nearly enough! However, I find that when I really set aside the time to do it, I feel a lot calmer andmore relaxed afterwards. Once I’ve done this, I like to light some candles or turn on some fairy lights, a
nd read or browse the internet. Being in a tidy and un-cluttered space means I worry less, and I have less things to get het-up about! If you are naturally neat, and usually have a tidy bedroom anyway, lightin
g candles, rearranging furniture or other things or changing your bed sheets could also help you to feel calm and at ease.

Surround yourself with people you’re comfortable with
I sometimes suffer from quite bad anxiety but saying that, always avoiding situations that make you feel uncomfortable is not the way around anything, as it is important to challenge yourself. However, if I’ve had a particularly stressful or anxious day, and I feel I’ve done quite enough challenging myself for one day, I’ll like to spend time with close friends or family, who make me feel comfortable and calm.

Spend time alone
On the contrary to the above point, it can also be helpful to spend time on your own. It is important to let yourself make time for yourself. I like to read, watch some of my favourite YouTubers, watch episodes of my favourite TV shows on Netflix, or practise an instrument. Spending time alone allows you to think (but not overover think), and take in everything around you without any distractions. This is important for helping to relax.

I’m not sure if this will have helped anyone, but I hope it does! Doing some exercise and EATING WELL also helps me feel better, as well as listening to my favourite music – and writing blog posts!
I plan to do a January favourites post in a couple of days, so look out for that.

Thanks for reading,