Song of the Week!

So this weeks song of the week is Ellie Goulding – Beating Heart.

Now I’m  huge fan of Ellie but had totally forgot about this song, it wasn’t until I re watched Divergent (btw how good is that films soundtrack) that I heard it again and am now addicted to it again.

Recently Iv’e been getting back into my running and find it easier with my schedule to go in the evenings but music is an essential to keep me motivated, even though Ellie’s style is probably not typical to run to I find it really motivating to keep pace with. Also evening running gives me so many photo opportunities at the moment with the lovely weather Scotland’s been having, so many pretty skies and water shots have been taken.

I really forget how pretty my hometown can be  #sea #pretty #beauty #view #Scotland #sunset
Who would believe this is rainy old Scotland.

What music are you guys loving at the moment?

Tasha xx

Song of the Week


My song of the week has to be Tracey Chapman’s Fast Car, this version is a cover by Boyce Avenue and Kira Grannis. I just found my old iPod this week and uploaded all the songs to my new iTunes and this has got to be one of my old favourites so I was very pleased to hear it again, I just love the feeling of finding a song you forgot about but used to be obsessed with. This song also introduced me to  the amazing Boyce Avenue and now I can’t live without his covers, if your a fan of acoustic songs then I can’t recommend him enough.

Song of the Week

A few years ago I was watching Ellie videos and I read a comment that said something like “You like her music, but there comes a point in your life where you actually understand it”- it kinda stuck with me after all these years– and now I can say yes– that person was so very right. I thought I understood her music back then– nope– now I do.

What are your favorite songs at the minute?