New Skincare! Friday Favorites!!


Body Shop Vitamin E

Hello Everyone!

Today I thought I would mention 2 new favorites in my current skincare regime!

I’m slightly obsessed with the body shop, I think they produce good quality products for a good price range and I can never seem to go into the shop without buying something.

My two newest products are from the Vitamin E Range, now as someone who has combination/sensitive skin the consultants in the body shop are never really sure which of their range to put me in, most will point me towards the tea tree section as that’s the best for combination whereas others will direct me to the aloe/seaweed range which is aimed for us more sensitive souls, so with that in mind I tend to just browse by myself and see what I like the look or smell of.

The first product that caught my interest was the Vitamin E Overnight Serum in Oil. As someone with naturally combination skin I often tend to shy away from skin oils whether it be in moisturizer or cleansers but I was pleasantly surprised with this light weight oil. The consultant explained a few details about it to be and said it is best used in place of a moisturizer but I find it works better for me as a serum, I lightly massage it over a cleansed face and leave to soak in before applying my moisturizer on top. I was worried it would be too heavy or cause imbalance of my skin but have found it works a treat at providing a but more hydration and has helped slightly with my acne scarring. Iv’e had it over a month now and still have plenty left so unless another skin oil catches my eye this definitely be repurchased.

The other item I got was the Vitamin E Eye Cube.

I mainly use this in the morning and still use an eye cream at night as I prefer a slightly richer formula for the evenings. It is said to help reduce the signs of under eye circles and reduce puffiness. In the mornings I will pop this on a good 10 minutes before my makeup just so it has time to absorbed, I find it has a slightly cooling sensation which is a nice refreshing feeling that helps me wake up in the morning especially since I have given up coffee 🙁 It does help slightly with dark circles but I would always use concealer on top for those days when I get less than 8 hours.

Have your tried either of these products? What did you think of them?

Also any new Body Shop Products that I must try?

Adding a bit of Zing to your Skin

After a much needed few days in bed resting my poor little immune system back to health, I am back to blogging more frequently, yay! I bloomin’ hate being poorly and cannot stay in bed comfortably doing nothing for hours on end without driving myself up the wall so I am glad to be better and finally getting back into my little routine and caring for my lovely little piece of internet space again.

As well as my body feeling much healthier lately, my skin is also feeling AMAZING and it’s all thanks to a mini pot of orange goodness….
I recently purchased Origins GinZing energy-boosting moisturizer after hearing such glowing reviews about it.
I’ve been using this little beauty for two weeks now and let me just tell you…IT IS AMAZING!!
It has done wonders for my skin, both in appearance and the feel of it and don’t even get me started on the smell. Orange scents are my favourite ever and this is probably the best smelling beauty product there is, I literally want to eat it (I won’t…)
At first the price did put me off a little as at £23 for 50ml it seemed a little pricey, but honestly you barely need to apply anything as the coverage is so great. After 2 weeks I think I’m still using the excess product from the lid! What’s even greater about it too is the fact that it’s a day and night time moisturizer which works perfectly for me as I’m too lazy to find myself a suitable night cream!
It is infused with caffeine as well as orange so it literally wakes your skin up and brightens it, which is just the thing for me as my porcelain skin has a tendency to look really dull!
I cannot say enough good things about this moisturizer, and I’m interested to try more products from the GinZing range! I think the eye cream will be the next on the shopping list to see if it can banish my dreaded under eye circles!
Have you any Origins product recommendations? Have you tried this moisturizer too? Let me know your thoughts 🙂
As for me now, I’m off for a steaming bubble bath and cuddles with my other half…
Goodnight lovelies!
Always, Tasha x