Not worth the hype!

falsies maybelline

Hello my Loves!

Now I this post may be a controversial one as I know that this mascara has a lot of love in the blogging community but I’m just not one of them. I have tried on several occasions over the past couple months so see if I could get into it as I had really high hopes for it but alas achieving Gigi Hadid lashes its just not for me.

Maybelline claim the wand will add volume, lift and drama but unfortunately it did none of those for me. I found the formula clumped really easily with the rush design making it quite tricky to separate the lashes. I have been told on many occasions by my colleagues at the salon that I have really thick eyelashes so that probably didn’t help the situation. I did even try using a clean spoolie to help wiggle them free but no such left with the end result of me being left looking like I have roughly 5 lashes.

So if one of my friends asked for a recommendation for a high street mascara this one just doesn’t make the list.

No biggie, I’m not to upset over it as I believe I got it on offer on boots and I know Maybelline will be back with something better. This mascara just didn’t work for me but oh well it happens.

What mascara’s are you loving at the moment?

Tasha x

Benefit Allocation!



When you work for a beauty counter your favorite time of year other than new launches has to be allocation time. For us benebabes that means every 6 months depending on how many hours you work weekly you get given an allocation of money to spend online on benefit goodies, this can vary between £100 and £200.

Well my order just arrived the other week and this it what I chose.


My first pick had to be a mascara! Now I know They’re Real is the UK’s best seller and Roller Lash is the new favorite but BAD gal still has a special place in my heart. I remember first getting this mascara in high school and it was the product to have in your make up bag. I’m not sure if its just sentimental value but this mascara is still my personal fave that benefit makes, I find it gives great volume without making the lashes look clumpy.

Gimme Brow was easily my next choice, it has become my go to brow product. I still use the Brow Zings kit for special occasions for when I want a bolder brow but for every day use Gimme Brow is perfect for me. It’s so quick and simple to use but makes such a difference.

My next pick was the They’re Real liner, now I’m usually not a huge liner fan but when I do use it I like a strong feline flick which this is perfect for. I love the staying power of this product and I can trust its not going to melt away as the day goes on, not such a fan at night when trying to remove it however with an oil based remover it will soon wipe away even though I will be left with panda eyes.


I was unsure of which eye shadow kit to pick, I’m instantly drawn to neutrals and golden colours but when you realize you have 3 Naked pallets you don’t really need anymore even if the temptation is there. I decided to go for our cooler kit which has pretty silvers and grey tones as I never really use those colours and thought it would be good to try something new.

High Beam was my next pick, I have a bit of a love hate relationship with High Beam. Some days I think its the perfect highlighter but other times I feel it sits on the skin and doesn’t blend that well, this tends to be when my skin is slightly drier so maybe it’s just me. I do like mixing it with my foundation when I want a bit more glow or mixing with the box o blushes for a more iridescent colour.

Posie-Balm has to be my fave lip for the summer, it’s super hydrating and gives a really pretty pink colour, I like layering it over the other tints to make new colours and this way I can get the hydration mixed with the long wear colour of the stain.

Erase Paste was my final pick, it has to be my fave under eye concealer, the salmon/pink hue really helps hide any under eye circles and the creamy consistency doesn’t crease. If it feels a bit heavy I sometimes mix it with some eye cream to a lighter feel.

I hope you guys like my choices 🙂

What would you pick?

Tasha xxx

Make Up Revolution Highlighters!

Makeup Revolution Highlighter

Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Golden Lights*: £3.00
Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Peach Lights*: £3.00 

Today I bring you a post all about these gorgeous Vivid Baked Highlighters that I picked up from Superdrug this past week from Makeup Revolution. This company is a relatively new company that I’ve recently discovered that sells high quality products for such a bargain price! I have read very good things about this company, read great reviews and it made me very curious to the quality of their products. After using their eyeshadow and blush palettes and loving them I was very excited to try them out to say the least and now I can’t stop singing their praises. Another great thing that comes with this company is the fab customer service and their speedy delivery! You don’t have to wait long for your goodies at all.
Makeup Revolution Highlighter
I picked up the shades Peach Lights and Pink lights which are two very illuminating powders that come domed in black base packaging and a clear lid which reveals the product to you, so you know what you’re reaching for pretty much straight away. I like the way the product has been shaped into the packaging. It makes a change from the flat powders you would normally get. When I swatched this with my fingers, the powder felt very soft to the touch, but didn’t become bitty as some products can be like. The product transferred onto my finger straight away and that was with one swipe. I think this product would look fab on your cheekbones to give you some of that glowy definition and a little added to your cupids bow to give the illusion that you have a fuller top lip (if you wanted to add more volume) or add to the places which you see fit. But not to add too much as it can make you look a bit ‘shiny/oily’.
It’s so pigmented that you only have to lightly swipe the product on your brush and you will have enough product to add to your face and then build up to your own preference. There is no fall out with this powder which I find very handy and for it’s price, you can’t go wrong really. I’m actually amazed at how gorgeous and great quality these products are. I really cannot sing their praises enough, they are fantastic and I’m glad I finally discovered them. If you’re looking for a company with great products, fantastic customer service and products with an inexpensive price tag, then this company is definitely for you!


Lollitint Review

As a huuuuge fan of all Benefit cosmetics, I’ve been eyeing up the Lollitint for a little while now – and finally invested! 🙂
I’m never usually disappointed with Benefit and this product was no exception, thankfully. This candy- orchid lip and cheek stain is priced at £24.50, a little pricey but it goes a long way.

download (1)

Now I have quite a fair skinned complexion, and this looks lovely and rosy on my own cheeks. Plus you can control how much you use of course, so it’s quite versatile. I have seen it on darker skin too anyway, which looks amazing. So it does seem to compliment quite a range of skin types, but I would try a tester before buying, just to be sure.
My own little tip for wearing this on your cheeks would be apply it quickly! It really does stain in the one spot you’ve popped it on, so rub it in straight away in a circling motion. A trick I also like to use is applying a little to a fluffy brush and buffing it onto the cheeks.


Now as for wearing it on your lips, it seems fine. As I’ve said, it’s a lovely little tint and doesn’t feel heavy. But to be honest I would probably stick to using this on my cheeks for myself, as I have a lot of other lip products I adore. It’s still an awesome product in my opinion though, even as just a cheek stain.

Try it yourselves though if you get the chance, and let me know!
Have you used this? Do you love/hate it?
Feel free to leave some comments, and remember to subscribe! 🙂

Benefit Christmas Goodies!

One of the perks of working in the beauty industry is the freebies and discounts, So for Christmas we were given a few goodies as a thank you for all our hard work we put in at time of the year. I was lucky enough to get two of the limited edition Christmas sets from benefit.

Benefit Christmas Mini Haul

I chose the Cheeky Sweet Spot blush set and the Sweet Tintations gifts sets. I think the Benebalms are perfect for this time of the year as they give you a lovely pop of colour while still being very hydrating and moisturising for your lips which is definitely needed with how chilly it is in Scotland at the moment.

Cheeky Sweet Spot Open

Tasha xxx


Make Up Revolution

Hello my Loves!

So I’m really late to the whole Make Up Revolution craze and after reading up on some of the products I chose my favourites from the range.

The first problem though was which ones to buy. In an ideal world I would have bought everything but I really am trying to cut down on the amount of make up that I buy (ha ha) so I decided to be good and get just 1 eyeshadow palette and 1 blush palette.

make rev blush 003

The first product I chose was the Ultra Blush and Contour Palette in Hot Spice

As you can see the palette comes with 8 beautiful shades & also a very large mirror which is always a plus! These shades can be used as blushes & also to highlight & contour which is amazing!

make rev blush 001

As you can see some shades are more shimmery than others. They also included a pretty highlight which is almost a pinky frost & then a very shimmery pinky peach shade as well. There are a mix of mattes, satins and shimmers in this palette which is definitely a great variety for everyone!

The second product I chose was the Iconic 3 eyeshadow palette.

make rev blush 007

I have to admit I am very impressed with the shadows in this palette.  This palette comes with 4 matte shades which I know I am very pleased with as its great to see matte shades amongst shimmers.  It saves so much time have all in one 🙂

When I first got this palette and tried the shades I was initially disappointed with the pigmentation and texture, however after very gently scraping the surface of each shade, they have all been completely transformed. I am just so impressed with the quality, and with a primer worn underneath they last for at least 6 hours without fading or creasing. I would recommend this palette to anyone.. or just Makeup Revolution in general. Their products are all so affordable and really do rival products upto 10 times the price in terms of quality and diverse shade ranges.
What are your thoughts on make up revolution.

Benefit Cosmetics Audition Process

Hi guys, So today I thought I would tell you about my experience of applying for a counter job with Benefit Cosmetics. Just to make sure you’re aware before reading, I’m not sure if this is how it works at every single Benefit Cosmetics interview, but this is what happened when I applied to work for them.

Stage One: Online application

If you’ve had a browse on the Benefit Cosmetics UK website, you’ve probably seen that you can create an account and a profile, to buy products and/or apply for jobs. My tips for this stage is to look at the job description to see what type of person they are looking for and try and fit in your descriptions and experience around this. I haven’t had sales experience, but I have had to work to targets in one of my jobs before, so I described that part of it as being determined to meet targets and knowing how important they are.

Stage Two: Telephone interview

I have to admit that I was caught off guard at this part!! I’d received a message explaining that someone wanted to talk to me about my application so I rang them back and on the spot they asked if they could interview me for 5 minutes! I can’t remember every question, as I blagged my way through most of it. I can tell you that they asked me to name some of the products, why I wanted to work for Benefit Cosmetics, what I liked about the brand and a few questions on how I would attract customers to the counter. A bit of prep helps but it wasn’t anything too hard.

Stage Three: Recruitment Audition Process

Once you’ve passed the telephone interview, you’re invited to take part in a recruitment day. The only information I got was the location, date and time, to wear all black clothing, and no open toe shoes.
Google Benefit recruitment process and you’ll find a load of blogs and forums where people detailed what they went through. It involved traffic stopping customers. Okay, this time I was scared s***less.
After reading through tonnes of information, the main thing was to not worry about having the make-up skills, just concentrate on being friendly, smiley, enthusiastic, stand out and approach every single customer.
. You get taken upstairs to the training room after signing in and storing your bags. There were only 5 other girls and we were all going for jobs in different stores, so that fact relaxed me a little. The trainer went through what the day entailed and explained how to traffic stop customers. We went through the different answers people could give and what we would say to try and persuade them to come to the counter. When I was reading about the auditions, people were saying you have to be quite pushy and they didn’t like it, but it wasn’t like that at all. The opening line was “Have you heard of Benefit Cosmetics?” and so the customer can only give a yes or no answer. Then if they didn’t want to come to the counter, all you do is ask them why politely and try and persuade them gently one more time. If it’s still a no, then that’s fine and you move on to someone else.

“Hello, have you heard of Benefit Cosmetics?”
“Oh brilliant, well we’re giving out free makeovers today, come with me and I’ll show you a few products.”
“I haven’t got time.”
“How long do you have?”
“10 minutes.”
“It will only take 5 minutes at the most and you get a bit of pampering.”

Something along those lines. Then if the customer says no again, you just thank them and tell them to enjoy their day. So once you’ve learnt how to bring people to the customer, the trainer will go through the products you will be using on customers, and demonstrates how to apply them and what to say. I liked the way they did it actually. You apply one product at a time to half the face, showing the customer the result after each product so they can see what difference each one makes, as it’s quite subtle. You also explain how to apply the product and what each of them is for, and after a few goes you do remember a lot of information and end up constantly talking to the customer. It’s important not to worry about not remembering every single fact; after all, you already know more than the customer so you will look like you know what you’re talking about.

Now this is the bit where my recruitment day differs from those I read about online to help me prepare. In the blogs I read the girls were given 6 products and the trainer explained what each one was, how to apply it and then had the girls practice this on each other. On my day the trainer quickly went over all the products and we were given free reign to use whatever we liked but we were not shown how to apply any of them.

We were then let loose on the public to ask them to come and try the products. I thought I would HATE traffic stopping customers but I actually really enjoyed it. No one is rude to you and the people that do come to the counter are actually really lovely!! The only problem was that it was really quiet in our store and it was a bad time of day for traffic stopping 12.30 -2 meaning the majority of people were on their lunch break.

In the end I only managed to get two people to sit down and I sold one product, but this was enough for me to pass onto the next stage. So compared to the other blogs I read this isn’t a lot of people but it just goes to show that the trainers do take into account how busy the store is as well as what products you chose to suit your customers requests.

I’m now just waiting on the area manager to call me to assign me a store to see if I fit in with the team for that benefit counter.

Anyway, I hope this information helped you and gave you a bit more insight to recruitment processes.