Lush Easter 2016: Humpty Dumpty

Lush Humpty Dumpty

Hello my Loves

Lush seasonal collections have to be my favourite time of the year to pick up some bath goodies. They’re always fun and colourful and vibrant collections with plenty of amazing products I can’t wait to get my hands on and I was most excited for the Humpty Dumpty bath bomb. Now at £6.95 he is a pricey fellow but it should be used for 3 bath’s so I think it balances out (plus with the price of chocolate eggs these days I think its pretty reasonable) The egg “shell” should crack down the middle leaving you 2 halves and contain a mini fried egg inside that can be used for your third bath. I will admit that I found cracking the egg open a bit of a struggle and had to use a knife to get it to split which felt slightly cruel to Humpty.

Humpty has a really nice citrus scent – Brazilian Orange Oil and Bergamot Oil – which creates a lovely uplifting bath-time experience. The bath-bomb turns your water a beautiful vibrant blue and yellow that really creates the prettiest bath.

I loved this bath bomb I promise Humty Dumpty wont leave you hanging. 😉

Have you tried any of Lush’s Easter range?

Tasha x

Lush Butterball

“Our vanilla-scented Bath Bomb is anything but boring when you lay back into a cozy white blanket of creamy, buttery froth. This little fizzer is the ultimate in comfort with chunks of creamy cocoa butter; it’s fantastic for rehydrating dry skin. Baths can dry your skin if they’re too hot, so if you’re in need of a long, lingering bath pop one of these gorgeous beauties into the tub for a vanilla custard soak to lull you into a deep relaxed state – and leave with sweeter, softer skin.”
How I Used It:

I ran a warm bath and dropped the entire bath bomb into the water.  It instantly started foaming up and fizzing around and tiny chunks of coca butter were released and then dissolved into the water.

  • This bath bomb made the bath water feel silky, like I could rub it in between my fingers.
  • When got out of the tub it felt like I had literally bathed in body lotion.
  • The scent is heavenly. Vanilla bliss.
  • My only dislike is that I didn’t buy more than one!
Overall: ★★★★★
This bath bomb was exactly the pick me up I needed and I honestly can’t think of a bad thing to say about it.  My skin drank up the moisture and it was so relaxing to soak in the silky scented water.  What’s even better is the next morning my skin still felt moisturized… Even my boyfriend noticed and that is saying something.
What’s your favorite Lush bath bomb?

Lush Sale Goodies



Hi everyone, today’s post is bound to be like one you’ve seen a million times, it’s a Christmas Lush Haul! The Christmas range from Lush is my absolute favourite, so while they’re available I like to stock up! I only went for bath products, but they’re by far my favourite types of products to buy from Lush, lets get onto what I picked up!

Starting off with Bath Melts, I bought The Melting Snowman, it’s so cute I couldn’t resist! He’s made from almond oil and cocoa butter so he makes your skin feel super soft. Then I picked up Star Light, Star Bright, this one is scented with ginger and lime and completely smothered in glitter!

Next up Bath Bombs, I picked up the Luxury Lush Pud, I’m obsessed with the colours in this one, it smells like ylang ylang and lavender. I also picked up the Butterbear. This little guy is the same as Butterball but in a little bear shape, made with cocoa butter and scented with vanilla make him super creamy.

Onto Bubble Bars, I bought Holly Golightly, I think this one looks amazing, definitely has the wow factor, it’s gorgeously spicy scented, again covered in glitter and creates loads of green bubbles! Next I picked up The Christmas Hedgehog, he’s the sweetest little thing! Scented with rose and ylang ylang, this fella is so cute! Another cute little guy is the Christmas Penguin, he smells like lemon and mandarin and was too precious to leave on the shelf! Finally I picked up one of my all time faves, Candy Mountain, it smells super sweet like Snow Angel and creates a ton of pink bubbles, what more could a girl want?!

What have you picked up from the Lush sale?

September Favorites

So September really flew by, I’m still convinced it’s only August. However, I’m excited for October. We get cooler weather, pretty leaves, and I don’t feel as guilty over wanting all the pumpkin things. I will not apologize for my #WhiteGirl-ness during the fall months. Anyway, September is wonderful and I enjoyed some wonderful things. Here are my favourites from last month.

bubble gum scrub

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

With the weather getting cooler this often leads to my lip being a little on the dry side, so this has been a savior for me.  The scrub smells delicious, a mixture of strawberry bubblegum and candy floss; a scent that certainly smells good enough to eat. It makes my lips feel beautifully soft and moisturised and removes dead and dried skin, instantly improving the look and feel of my lips. I tend to use it first thing in the morning and use a balm after so it the moisturising oils have a chance to absorb before applying my lippy for the day. This is a must have for those who love a dark matte lip for the autumn season.


Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel

I’m a huge Elemis fan, it definitely is one of my favourite brands to work with in the Spa and this is my go to exfoliator. Unlike traditional exfoliators instead of using beads or grains to remove dry skin, this uses natural fruit enzymes from papaya and pineapple to gently smooth and brighten the skin. This makes it perfect for me as I can be sensitive to facial scrubs.   Also the papaya scent is so lovely and fresh, nearly every client I use this on will comment on it and usually end up purchasing it after their treatment for the smell alone.

urban fruit

Urban Fruit – Strawberry

Now if you are already a fan of dried fruit, then try Urban Fruits, it is definitely one of the best I have tasted and contains no nasties, no added sugar or preservatives. If you are new to dried fruit the Mango and strawberry are a great place to start. If sweeties and fruit came together they would produce this! It really is the yummiest healthy snack for those of you with a sweet tooth and perfect to pop in my handbag to stop me from craving chocolate.



Divergent Series by Veronica Roth


Last month I finally got around to watching the Divergent movie and I loved it so thought I should get a head start on the next film and read the books. I have just finished Insurgent and am about to start Allegiant and so far I’m really enjoying the series. I will say that for Divergent I did actually prefer the book to the movie, although Theo James definitely made it a close competition.

Since I’ve finally graduated I so glad to have the extra time to read and would love to hear some book suggestions for you guys.


Lush Halloween 2014



So for my very first post I thought I would go to one of my favourite shops Lush and check out the new products for Halloween this year, I happen to have a friend work in the Edinburgh Branch who was more than happy to have a chat to me knowing full well I would end up taking half of them home. They have quite a few new products for this season as well as some favourites making a return from last year. These are the ones I ended up walking away with 🙂



Lush Fairy Ring Soap (new) £4.10 per 100g – For me this product stole the show, just look how pretty it is, I don’t think I could bear to cut this one up. The scent will take you to the bottom of the garden and away with the fairies, it does have a strong earthy mushroom smell mixed with Jasmine and ylang ylang which you will either love or hate.


Lush Pumpkin Bubble Bar (new) £3.50 – This is the perfect bubble bar to add a bit of sparkle to a cold Autumn night. It looks gorgeous and smells even better.  I was slightly disappointed at first that it didn’t smell like pumpkin but its energizing blend of juniper berry, lime and grapefruit oils was more than enough to make it a winner in my eyes.


Lush Wizard Bubble Bar* (new) £3.25 – How cute is this? I think you can tell I’m a sucker for cute products. This shimmering bubble bar turns your bath a lovely blackcurrant colour,  With a crackle of popping candy, the energizing tangerine oil and purifying juniper berry and fennel essential oils, the Wizard banishes stress and helps you recover. Perfect for those occasions when you’ve over-indulged

So those were my picks from this years Halloween range to tide me over until the Christmas products come out and I can get my hands on Snowfairy. I would love to hear what your thoughts on this years Halloween range were and what your fave lush products are.