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Hello my loves!

Now I know what you may be thinking, a Christmas Candle in February? Well my favourite type of scents like a lot of people are rich cinnamon based smells which basically means my flat smells like Christmas all year round. Don’t get me wrong I love lighter floral/clean scents in the Summer but there’s just something about traditional Christmas scents that just make me feel cosy and warm which is definitely needed with the current Scottish weather.

I picked this set up in the Christmas sales and have been putting off burning it as I thought it was just too pretty to use but I can always keep the little tumbler and find some use for it.

This is the gorgeous Christmas Wish Home Collection by Neom Organics.

The set itself contains a single wick 150g candle with approximately 35 hours burn time and a matching room mist.

The smell itself is a gorgeous mix of mandarin, cinnamon and Tonka bean and is a part of Neom’s Destress Range.

The fragrance is so strong, with an amazing throw that fills the whole of my lounge and the scent can even be smelt in the next room.. it’s such a good quality candle, with such a pure scent due to high percentage of essential oils within the wax. You really can detect all three notes whilst the candle is alight.

It’s the epitome of glamour, luxury and organic goodness – all among the reasons I’ve come to adore Neom beauty and home fragrances.  Real passion goes into these products… and you can tell.

Do you have any candle suggestions for me? What are your favourite scents?

Tasha x

Manicure Monday!

rubble nails


Hello My Loves

This week for my nails I’ve gone for a very seasonal colour in CND Shellac’s Rubble. I think this colour is suited perfectly to the weather we’ve been having in Scotland lately, is anyone else excited as I am about the snow? I think this shade is great as it goes with everything especially big cosy jumpers and sweaters that a definitely needed at the moment. I also love how it’s a quite subtle shade that makes me feel more grown up compared to my usual bright choices.

Do you like this colour? Also what shades are you loving at moment?

Tasha xx

Why I love running!

Bellhaven Bay Walk

Running. A dreadful, awful thing. A rewarding, amazing sport. This is what running is to me. There are good days, bad days, and any type of day in between. My worst day can turn into my best just by putting on my trainers and forgetting everything except what lies directly ahead of me.

It isn’t about the times, the number of miles, or the most expensive shoes. It’s just about me. About pushing myself, my mentality, my limits of what I can do–mentally and physically. At the end of the day, your biggest competition is yourself. Look in the mirror and that’s who is going to be your worst enemy.

Why do I love it? For as many reasons. I love that running makes me appreciate my surroundings, growing up I always hated being in the countryside, longing for the city. I love that when I go for a run I never fail to take a picture of part of my route, somehow it opens up my eyes and I see just how pretty the natural rural landscape is. Sure it means I have a 30 minute drive to the closest cinema but then I wouldn’t have the freedom to choose any direction when I leave the house for a peaceful run without the busy city traffic.

I love the clear-headed exhaustion that follows a hard run – body spent but mind miraculously clearer than the foggy-headed state I started in. I especially love the cake that follows an especially harder journey . I love that running as much as I do means I can eat whatever I want – but that I don’t, because I won’t run as well if I eat nothing but cake. Basically I love cake.

Do you enjoy running? If so why?

Tasha xxx


Christmas Baking

Love a bit of baking for the chilly weather

I think we can all agree that Christmas is the perfect time for a spot of baking, whether that means making your christmas pudding, mince pies or like myself perfecting those cookies to give to Santa.

Here’s the recipe for my favourite cookies.

You will need

  • 150g salted butter, softened
  • 80g light brown muscovado sugar
  • 80g granulated sugar
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 large egg
  • 225g plain flour
  • ½ tsp bicarbonate of soda
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • 200g plain chocolate chips or chunks ( I also used some white chocolate chips)

Your first going to want to make sure your oven is pre-heated around 170-180C, we have an Rayburn which is always on at this time a year so the temperature is more an approximate.

Put the butter and sugars into a bowl and beat until nice and creamy, I use an electric whisk but if you want to do it by hand your more than welcome, next beat in the vanilla extract and egg. Sieve the flour, bicarbonate of soda and salt over the mixture and mix in with a wooden spoon. Add the chocolate chips and stir well, you don’t want the mixture to be to smooth at this point so the cookies will have some texture.

Using a teaspoon, place small mounds of the mixture well apart on the baking trays. My top tip is to use  a silicon spatula as it makes the mixture come of the spoon much easier. Bake in the oven for 8–10 mins until light brown on the edges and still slightly soft in the centre.

  Then simply leave to cool down on a cooling rack.

I love this recipe as it’s so simple and you can easily mix the ingredients to your taste for example change the sugar to soft brown if your not a fan of cookies being too sweet.

What are your favourite things to bake this time of year?

Tasha xxx

LVL Lashes

So at my work if we hit our targets we are rewarded by getting a free hour’s treatment in the Salon, which I think it a pretty great incentive. So for this months treatment I decided to try out Nouveau Lash LVL Enhance treatment.

Nouveau describes it as


Here is  little video from the founders explaining the treatment:

I’ve never been a fan of eyelash extensions which most people I work with find odd but then again I’m not a huge tan fan either and that’s a beauty therapists bread and butter.  I find extensions heavy on the eyes and a bit of a faff so to me they’re just not worth it so LVL sounded perfect to me, plus Michelle Keegan is a big fan and who doesn’t want to look like her

So during the treatment the therapist will first ask how much curl/lift you are looking for, there is 3 different size of shields to you find the best lift for you. She then uses special tape/shields to keep your lashes in place (this the part that feels weird as you really want to blink but can’t) She then applies a few serums while you lie back on the comfy and cosy treatment couch for around 40 mins. While the serum’s are working away my therapist did a little hand and arm massage for total relaxation.

She then removes the serums and tints and gently takes off the shields/tape to leave your eyes looking so much more awake and your lashes look like you’ve got mascara on already.

I think this is  fab treatment if your looking for bigger lashes but not a fan of extensions.

Here’s  pic of my before and after.

Is this a treatment that you think you might try?

Tasha xxx

Nails of the Week

As my Christmas Spirit has finally set it I thought it was time to finally embrace a bit of sparkle in the nail department. As some of you may know I’m a beauty/spa therapist and one of the perks of the job is treating yourself to some treatments. For me this meant finally getting my nails done.

So I booked out some time with my salon bestie so she could spruce up my nails for the festive period .

iced vpour

The colour I chose was Shellac’s Ice Vapour which I think is the perfect choice for Christmas sparkle. It’s a fine silver glitter polish over a clear base which means it looks fab on it’s own (we did have to do 2/3 layers to build it up) or you can add it over your fave shade to transform it into a whole new colour. I think it would look amazing over black to look like stars in the sky.

What is your go to nail colours for Christmas?

Tasha xxx

Sleeping Beauty!


A lot of people complain about insomnia and my friends often complain because I am so chirpy in the morning but its because I’ve had my 8 hours of beauty sleep and by 9am I am refreshed and ready to start my day. I’ve recently started a new job that has me getting up at 5am and not getting home till 11 pm depending on my shifts so creating a good sleep balance is really important to me at the moment. I used to suffer from sleep in the past but lately I have started getting good hours sleep and been waking up refreshed and motivated, so I thought I would share some sleep secrets with all my lovely readers.

  1. Unwind in the evenings – I like to have a 5 minute skin massage with coconut oil and do my whole facial routine before bed and drink some hot chocolate or herbal tea to calm my mind.
  2. Use Lavender products to help you relax – I love the works deep sleep pillow spray and a few drops of lavender oil on my pillow. My all time favourite product is by Decleor but that can get pretty pricey so I’m always looking for more budget friendly options if you guys know of any?
  3. DO NOT – take your phone to your bed, although I can be guilty of this I mean who doesn’t love a late night Facebook scroll, it’s the worst thing you could do. Leave it on a side, it’s bad for your eyes and mind at bedtime.
  4. Make a list – of things you want to do in the morning, so you wake up motivated. If I’m working a late shift I will plan to get up early and go for a run, this really helps  me nod off to sleep knowing Iv’e got plans for the next day.

What are your tips to get a good nights sleep?

Tasha xxx

Budget Friendly Skincare



Hello my loves!

So I was originally only popping into boots to pick up a toner but whenever I see a 3 for 2 I just can’t refuse.

Now I’ve never actually tried anything from the Botanics range before and I was really struggling to find a toner, maybe it was just my boots my the selection of choices wasn’t as wide as I expected.

As it’s the summer I wanted something quite light and refreshing and this seemed a good choice.

The Botanics Rose Water Toning Spritz is 100% organic, I will say that toning is a the stage in my skincare routine that I try to use as natural ingredients as possible just cause many include alcohol based ingredients that tend to dry out my skin.

The toner is said to visibly tighten pores now while I didn’t notice this I will agree that it makes my skin feel smoother and fresher plus it has a lovely smell so you can always do a quick spritz if you need to cool down in the heat.

The next product I picked up was the Radiant Youth Super Serum, which is said to reduce the appearance of line and wrinkles  while boosting luminosity. Now I don’t have any small lines to reduce so I can’t comment on that aspect but I can say that it did give my skin a bit of a brighter glow.

The final product I picked up was the All Bright Radiance Balm as it reminded me of the Elemis Flash Balm which is my all time favorite primer. I may do a post to compare the two at a later date once I have a full months use to see how the budget friendly option holds up against the high end version.

At the moment I will say the balm does give the skin an instant pick me up looking a bit brighter and more radiant providing the perfect base if you prefer a dewy finish to you make up.

Have you tried any of the Botanics Range?

What would you recommend ?

Let me know.

Tasha xxx

My Summer Fragrance!


Every year I try to find a new scent for summer, even though I have so many old favorites I always feel its good to try something new.

Now I often forget that Crab Tree and Evelyn do perfume, I rarely go into the shop, I only really pop in to get presents for my mum as it makes her all time favorite hand cream (La Source Hand Therapy) and they have really nicely packaged gift sets, yet I always seem to come away with something for myself in the process.

When I went in this week I noticed that they had 30% off of their fragrance range so I decided to have a little spritz. If was a tough decision between this one and their Venetian Violet but the Pear and Magnolia’s fruity and floral scent of this made it my clear choice.

 The Company describes the scent as “The enticing aroma of fresh, juicy pear is blended with the delicate floral notes of pink magnolia, jasmine and osmanthus in an aromatic, botanical story that brings to mind cherished riches of the natural world.”

I feel like they describe it perfectly it’s a light refreshing smell that’s perfect for summer without being too fruity or too floral so it’s a great balance between the two.

With the discount it only cost me £24.50 which I think is a pretty good price for 100ml but they also do it in  more travel friendly 30ml.

I’m looking forward to trying out some of their other products from this scent range.

Have you tried anything from Crabtree and Evelyn?

Let me know your favorites.

Song of the Week!

So this weeks song of the week is Ellie Goulding – Beating Heart.

Now I’m  huge fan of Ellie but had totally forgot about this song, it wasn’t until I re watched Divergent (btw how good is that films soundtrack) that I heard it again and am now addicted to it again.

Recently Iv’e been getting back into my running and find it easier with my schedule to go in the evenings but music is an essential to keep me motivated, even though Ellie’s style is probably not typical to run to I find it really motivating to keep pace with. Also evening running gives me so many photo opportunities at the moment with the lovely weather Scotland’s been having, so many pretty skies and water shots have been taken.

I really forget how pretty my hometown can be  #sea #pretty #beauty #view #Scotland #sunset
Who would believe this is rainy old Scotland.

What music are you guys loving at the moment?

Tasha xx