About Me

Hello everyone! I am Natasha, 24, Beauty/Spa Therapist and Beauty Consultant, since graduating with my degree in beauty therapy I have worked in Spa’s, Salons and Beauty Counters while completing my university course in Business. I am from a small town in Scotland near the lovely Edinburgh. I spend a lot of time online shopping, trying products, buying clothes, and doing makeup on myself as well as treating my friends to the odd treatment. I know there are so many blogs but each person has their own style so I am just sharing what I like, and hope you will like it too! XO




Disclaimer: Any product I review are my opinions on how the items worked specifically for me. Not every product will work for everyone since everyone is different. I will only give an honest review, explaining likes or dislikes, and as much detail as possible. For business inquiries feel free to contact me via email (nhood19@hotmail.co.uk)   🙂 thank you!