Christmas Nails

Hello my loves!

So this year I have really been struggling to get into the festive spirit so I thought what better way than Christmas nails.

I don’t tend to use my gel products that often as the formula tend to dry out my nails which is the last thing you need in the colder months but what better occasion than Christmas to do something a bit special.

I didn’t want to go too crazy and out there with the design so I decided on French Manicure meets Santa with a it of festive sparkle.

It was fairly simple to achieve with first brushing on the classic French Mani and then waiting for it to be completely set with the UV lamp. I then used a bit of nail tape to cover the majority of the nail to prevent the glitter from creating a mess. You can get gel colours that already have glitter in the colour but I have always found that using loose gives a better finish and sparkle even though it is the more fiddly option. Simply layer/pat the glitter over a clear base coat till you get your desired look then apply a top coat.

The finished look did come out a tad messier than I desired but overall I’m happy with it.

What nail looks have you gone for this Christmas?

Tasha x

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