Why I love running!

Bellhaven Bay Walk

Running. A dreadful, awful thing. A rewarding, amazing sport. This is what running is to me. There are good days, bad days, and any type of day in between. My worst day can turn into my best just by putting on my trainers and forgetting everything except what lies directly ahead of me.

It isn’t about the times, the number of miles, or the most expensive shoes. It’s just about me. About pushing myself, my mentality, my limits of what I can do–mentally and physically. At the end of the day, your biggest competition is yourself. Look in the mirror and that’s who is going to be your worst enemy.

Why do I love it? For as many reasons. I love that running makes me appreciate my surroundings, growing up I always hated being in the countryside, longing for the city. I love that when I go for a run I never fail to take a picture of part of my route, somehow it opens up my eyes and I see just how pretty the natural rural landscape is. Sure it means I have a 30 minute drive to the closest cinema but then I wouldn’t have the freedom to choose any direction when I leave the house for a peaceful run without the busy city traffic.

I love the clear-headed exhaustion that follows a hard run – body spent but mind miraculously clearer than the foggy-headed state I started in. I especially love the cake that follows an especially harder journey . I love that running as much as I do means I can eat whatever I want – but that I don’t, because I won’t run as well if I eat nothing but cake. Basically I love cake.

Do you enjoy running? If so why?

Tasha xxx