Budget Friendly Skincare



Hello my loves!

So I was originally only popping into boots to pick up a toner but whenever I see a 3 for 2 I just can’t refuse.

Now I’ve never actually tried anything from the Botanics range before and I was really struggling to find a toner, maybe it was just my boots my the selection of choices wasn’t as wide as I expected.

As it’s the summer I wanted something quite light and refreshing and this seemed a good choice.

The Botanics Rose Water Toning Spritz is 100% organic, I will say that toning is a the stage in my skincare routine that I try to use as natural ingredients as possible just cause many include alcohol based ingredients that tend to dry out my skin.

The toner is said to visibly tighten pores now while I didn’t notice this I will agree that it makes my skin feel smoother and fresher plus it has a lovely smell so you can always do a quick spritz if you need to cool down in the heat.

The next product I picked up was the Radiant Youth Super Serum, which is said to reduce the appearance of line and wrinkles  while boosting luminosity. Now I don’t have any small lines to reduce so I can’t comment on that aspect but I can say that it did give my skin a bit of a brighter glow.

The final product I picked up was the All Bright Radiance Balm as it reminded me of the Elemis Flash Balm which is my all time favorite primer. I may do a post to compare the two at a later date once I have a full months use to see how the budget friendly option holds up against the high end version.

At the moment I will say the balm does give the skin an instant pick me up looking a bit brighter and more radiant providing the perfect base if you prefer a dewy finish to you make up.

Have you tried any of the Botanics Range?

What would you recommend ?

Let me know.

Tasha xxx