My Summer Fragrance!


Every year I try to find a new scent for summer, even though I have so many old favorites I always feel its good to try something new.

Now I often forget that Crab Tree and Evelyn do perfume, I rarely go into the shop, I only really pop in to get presents for my mum as it makes her all time favorite hand cream (La Source Hand Therapy) and they have really nicely packaged gift sets, yet I always seem to come away with something for myself in the process.

When I went in this week I noticed that they had 30% off of their fragrance range so I decided to have a little spritz. If was a tough decision between this one and their Venetian Violet but the Pear and Magnolia’s fruity and floral scent of this made it my clear choice.

 The Company describes the scent as “The enticing aroma of fresh, juicy pear is blended with the delicate floral notes of pink magnolia, jasmine and osmanthus in an aromatic, botanical story that brings to mind cherished riches of the natural world.”

I feel like they describe it perfectly it’s a light refreshing smell that’s perfect for summer without being too fruity or too floral so it’s a great balance between the two.

With the discount it only cost me £24.50 which I think is a pretty good price for 100ml but they also do it in  more travel friendly 30ml.

I’m looking forward to trying out some of their other products from this scent range.

Have you tried anything from Crabtree and Evelyn?

Let me know your favorites.

Song of the Week!

So this weeks song of the week is Ellie Goulding – Beating Heart.

Now I’m  huge fan of Ellie but had totally forgot about this song, it wasn’t until I re watched Divergent (btw how good is that films soundtrack) that I heard it again and am now addicted to it again.

Recently Iv’e been getting back into my running and find it easier with my schedule to go in the evenings but music is an essential to keep me motivated, even though Ellie’s style is probably not typical to run to I find it really motivating to keep pace with. Also evening running gives me so many photo opportunities at the moment with the lovely weather Scotland’s been having, so many pretty skies and water shots have been taken.

I really forget how pretty my hometown can be  #sea #pretty #beauty #view #Scotland #sunset
Who would believe this is rainy old Scotland.

What music are you guys loving at the moment?

Tasha xx

Benefit Allocation!



When you work for a beauty counter your favorite time of year other than new launches has to be allocation time. For us benebabes that means every 6 months depending on how many hours you work weekly you get given an allocation of money to spend online on benefit goodies, this can vary between £100 and £200.

Well my order just arrived the other week and this it what I chose.


My first pick had to be a mascara! Now I know They’re Real is the UK’s best seller and Roller Lash is the new favorite but BAD gal still has a special place in my heart. I remember first getting this mascara in high school and it was the product to have in your make up bag. I’m not sure if its just sentimental value but this mascara is still my personal fave that benefit makes, I find it gives great volume without making the lashes look clumpy.

Gimme Brow was easily my next choice, it has become my go to brow product. I still use the Brow Zings kit for special occasions for when I want a bolder brow but for every day use Gimme Brow is perfect for me. It’s so quick and simple to use but makes such a difference.

My next pick was the They’re Real liner, now I’m usually not a huge liner fan but when I do use it I like a strong feline flick which this is perfect for. I love the staying power of this product and I can trust its not going to melt away as the day goes on, not such a fan at night when trying to remove it however with an oil based remover it will soon wipe away even though I will be left with panda eyes.


I was unsure of which eye shadow kit to pick, I’m instantly drawn to neutrals and golden colours but when you realize you have 3 Naked pallets you don’t really need anymore even if the temptation is there. I decided to go for our cooler kit which has pretty silvers and grey tones as I never really use those colours and thought it would be good to try something new.

High Beam was my next pick, I have a bit of a love hate relationship with High Beam. Some days I think its the perfect highlighter but other times I feel it sits on the skin and doesn’t blend that well, this tends to be when my skin is slightly drier so maybe it’s just me. I do like mixing it with my foundation when I want a bit more glow or mixing with the box o blushes for a more iridescent colour.

Posie-Balm has to be my fave lip for the summer, it’s super hydrating and gives a really pretty pink colour, I like layering it over the other tints to make new colours and this way I can get the hydration mixed with the long wear colour of the stain.

Erase Paste was my final pick, it has to be my fave under eye concealer, the salmon/pink hue really helps hide any under eye circles and the creamy consistency doesn’t crease. If it feels a bit heavy I sometimes mix it with some eye cream to a lighter feel.

I hope you guys like my choices 🙂

What would you pick?

Tasha xxx

New Skincare! Friday Favorites!!


Body Shop Vitamin E

Hello Everyone!

Today I thought I would mention 2 new favorites in my current skincare regime!

I’m slightly obsessed with the body shop, I think they produce good quality products for a good price range and I can never seem to go into the shop without buying something.

My two newest products are from the Vitamin E Range, now as someone who has combination/sensitive skin the consultants in the body shop are never really sure which of their range to put me in, most will point me towards the tea tree section as that’s the best for combination whereas others will direct me to the aloe/seaweed range which is aimed for us more sensitive souls, so with that in mind I tend to just browse by myself and see what I like the look or smell of.

The first product that caught my interest was the Vitamin E Overnight Serum in Oil. As someone with naturally combination skin I often tend to shy away from skin oils whether it be in moisturizer or cleansers but I was pleasantly surprised with this light weight oil. The consultant explained a few details about it to be and said it is best used in place of a moisturizer but I find it works better for me as a serum, I lightly massage it over a cleansed face and leave to soak in before applying my moisturizer on top. I was worried it would be too heavy or cause imbalance of my skin but have found it works a treat at providing a but more hydration and has helped slightly with my acne scarring. Iv’e had it over a month now and still have plenty left so unless another skin oil catches my eye this definitely be repurchased.

The other item I got was the Vitamin E Eye Cube.

I mainly use this in the morning and still use an eye cream at night as I prefer a slightly richer formula for the evenings. It is said to help reduce the signs of under eye circles and reduce puffiness. In the mornings I will pop this on a good 10 minutes before my makeup just so it has time to absorbed, I find it has a slightly cooling sensation which is a nice refreshing feeling that helps me wake up in the morning especially since I have given up coffee 🙁 It does help slightly with dark circles but I would always use concealer on top for those days when I get less than 8 hours.

Have your tried either of these products? What did you think of them?

Also any new Body Shop Products that I must try?