Benefit Cosmetics Audition Process

Hi guys, So today I thought I would tell you about my experience of applying for a counter job with Benefit Cosmetics. Just to make sure you’re aware before reading, I’m not sure if this is how it works at every single Benefit Cosmetics interview, but this is what happened when I applied to work for them.

Stage One: Online application

If you’ve had a browse on the Benefit Cosmetics UK website, you’ve probably seen that you can create an account and a profile, to buy products and/or apply for jobs. My tips for this stage is to look at the job description to see what type of person they are looking for and try and fit in your descriptions and experience around this. I haven’t had sales experience, but I have had to work to targets in one of my jobs before, so I described that part of it as being determined to meet targets and knowing how important they are.

Stage Two: Telephone interview

I have to admit that I was caught off guard at this part!! I’d received a message explaining that someone wanted to talk to me about my application so I rang them back and on the spot they asked if they could interview me for 5 minutes! I can’t remember every question, as I blagged my way through most of it. I can tell you that they asked me to name some of the products, why I wanted to work for Benefit Cosmetics, what I liked about the brand and a few questions on how I would attract customers to the counter. A bit of prep helps but it wasn’t anything too hard.

Stage Three: Recruitment Audition Process

Once you’ve passed the telephone interview, you’re invited to take part in a recruitment day. The only information I got was the location, date and time, to wear all black clothing, and no open toe shoes.
Google Benefit recruitment process and you’ll find a load of blogs and forums where people detailed what they went through. It involved traffic stopping customers. Okay, this time I was scared s***less.
After reading through tonnes of information, the main thing was to not worry about having the make-up skills, just concentrate on being friendly, smiley, enthusiastic, stand out and approach every single customer.
. You get taken upstairs to the training room after signing in and storing your bags. There were only 5 other girls and we were all going for jobs in different stores, so that fact relaxed me a little. The trainer went through what the day entailed and explained how to traffic stop customers. We went through the different answers people could give and what we would say to try and persuade them to come to the counter. When I was reading about the auditions, people were saying you have to be quite pushy and they didn’t like it, but it wasn’t like that at all. The opening line was “Have you heard of Benefit Cosmetics?” and so the customer can only give a yes or no answer. Then if they didn’t want to come to the counter, all you do is ask them why politely and try and persuade them gently one more time. If it’s still a no, then that’s fine and you move on to someone else.

“Hello, have you heard of Benefit Cosmetics?”
“Oh brilliant, well we’re giving out free makeovers today, come with me and I’ll show you a few products.”
“I haven’t got time.”
“How long do you have?”
“10 minutes.”
“It will only take 5 minutes at the most and you get a bit of pampering.”

Something along those lines. Then if the customer says no again, you just thank them and tell them to enjoy their day. So once you’ve learnt how to bring people to the customer, the trainer will go through the products you will be using on customers, and demonstrates how to apply them and what to say. I liked the way they did it actually. You apply one product at a time to half the face, showing the customer the result after each product so they can see what difference each one makes, as it’s quite subtle. You also explain how to apply the product and what each of them is for, and after a few goes you do remember a lot of information and end up constantly talking to the customer. It’s important not to worry about not remembering every single fact; after all, you already know more than the customer so you will look like you know what you’re talking about.

Now this is the bit where my recruitment day differs from those I read about online to help me prepare. In the blogs I read the girls were given 6 products and the trainer explained what each one was, how to apply it and then had the girls practice this on each other. On my day the trainer quickly went over all the products and we were given free reign to use whatever we liked but we were not shown how to apply any of them.

We were then let loose on the public to ask them to come and try the products. I thought I would HATE traffic stopping customers but I actually really enjoyed it. No one is rude to you and the people that do come to the counter are actually really lovely!! The only problem was that it was really quiet in our store and it was a bad time of day for traffic stopping 12.30 -2 meaning the majority of people were on their lunch break.

In the end I only managed to get two people to sit down and I sold one product, but this was enough for me to pass onto the next stage. So compared to the other blogs I read this isn’t a lot of people but it just goes to show that the trainers do take into account how busy the store is as well as what products you chose to suit your customers requests.

I’m now just waiting on the area manager to call me to assign me a store to see if I fit in with the team for that benefit counter.

Anyway, I hope this information helped you and gave you a bit more insight to recruitment processes.

Beauty Essential

loreal professional silver shampoo

Hello my Loves!

For today, I wanted to share with you my little secret for lovely brassy-free hair aaaand it is this L’Oreal Professionnel Série Expert Silver Shampoo (£ 11.69 for 250 ml). A couple of months ago I decided that I wanted to go back to my lighter, highlighted blonde hair and I absolutely love how it looks on me! However, one problem that many fellow blondies have is that the beautiful colour, which we leave the salon with often looses its prettiness shortly after and we’re left with a yellowish / brassy locks. Every time I highlight my hair I also tone it so that the nasty yellow tones stay at bay for longer. After two weeks though my hair always gets a bit brassy (which I absolutely hate) and then the only way to keep it nice and ashy is with this Silver shampoo from L’Oreal.

The Silver shampoo is designed to use as a toner at home, to remove the orange / yellow tones from our hair and to make it extra shiny and glossy. When you open the bottle don’t be shocked from the bright, intense purple colour of the shampoo – it’s exactly what banishes the brassy tones. You may have noticed, looking at the colour wheel, that the opposite colour of yellow is purple. Therefore, the two colours neutralize each other and that’s why most purple-based shampoos work miracles in getting rid of unwanted yellow tones. The reason I prefer this one from L’Oreal though, is because it not only completely eliminates the brassiness (it is more concentrated than any other I’ve tried) but it also cleanses my hair really well and it’s pretty affordable. I’ve noticed that it makes my highlights look more defined, which is amazing! I like to use this shampoo once every two weeks and I love that its effect actually last for such a long time, unlike many others I’ve tried. The shampoo lathers really well and I like to let it sit on my hair for about 5 minutes.

So blondies, if you’re the same as me and you’re tired of having brassy / yellow hair I highly encourage you to go and give this hair saver a try! I absolutely swear by it and it’s my hands down toning shampoo! <3 Being really concentrated, unlike many other purple shampoos on the market, it makes sure that you’ll have a beautiful ashy blonde hair and you won’t need to get it professionally toned. This little gem also cleanses really well and gives a nice fresh feeling to the scalp. It tends to be a bit drying though so I urge you to follow with your favourite conditioner or a mask and to leave it for a bit longer than usual so that your hair restores its natural moisture. As far as I’m aware you can get your hands on this shampoo only in specific hair salons or online. A great place to get this from is because their prices are always reasonable and they also offer free shipping worldwide! 🙂

Have you ever tried this shampoo? What do you think of it? Which is your favourite purple shampoo?



Hello my Loves!

LoveLorn has been my most worn shade recently, it’s just such an easy shade to wear in a formula that suits my lips perfectly. It’s a sheer and moisturising muted blue toned-pink that I’ve found gives enough warmth to not look totally drab. It only lasts around 2 hours but despite looking glossy feels really comfortable on the lips. Lips do require some prepping with a lip scrub and balm beforehand as it doesn’t really cover any dry patches but overall I can’t really fault this as it’s super soft, easy to apply and is a welcome addition to my collection perfect for every day wear.

What’s your favourite every day lipstick?
What’s your favourite MAC lipstick formula?

Review – Batiste Dry Shampoo

Batiste Monochrome, Floral, Oriental Dry Shampoo
Hello my Loves!
I’m one of these people who loves big hair, and most the time the way I achieve it is with a can of dry shampoo. Not only does this saviour leave you with fresh locks, but also full of volume. Without a shadow of a doubt, Batiste is the best dry shampoo out there. I have got my close seconds, but nothing has actually topped it for me and I always have at least two cans of this in my stash. Whenever I see a new one come out, I have to try it! 
Monochrome is scented with Pepper and Orange Blossom to give a spicy twist; Floral is scented with Blossom, Rose, Orange and Peach for a sweeter, softer scent; and Oriental is scented with a blend of fruit, flowers and coconut for those with a much more exotic taste. It’s so close between all of them as to which is my favourite, but I think Floral just takes the lead! 
These dry shampoos keep hair clean and fresh looking, without a horrible grey trace at the roots in between washes. They’re seriously so great, and definite drugstore must haves. 
What’s your favourite dry shampoo?
Do you have a favourite Batiste scent?
Tasha x 

Friday Favourite

Autumn has officially arrived, that means my routines have completely changed again. Usually, my oily skin goes to the combination side, It gets dry and flaky on some parts while the rest remains oily.

I got one of Bourjois’ famous products, the Healthy Mix Serum Foundation in 51 Vanilla. This is the newer version of the original formula, the Healthy Mix Foundation. This product is different cause it’s in a gel form so it’s supposed to be more lightweight than the other one.


The Healthy Mix foundations are said to be a dupe for Chanel Vitalumiere since Bourjois Paris is owned by Chanel. It has 30 ml of product and I got it in boots as Bourjois have any 2 products for £14 at the moment. Its claims are “instant blending gel, flawless complexion, undetectable coverage“. The bottle is made out of plastic and is really slim. I also got the Healthy Balance powder, but it’s too dark for me so I can’t make a proper review of it.

It is hypoallergenic, so it’s perfect for people with sensitive skin like me. As you can see, the coverage ranking only has 1/3 marked boxes so it’s obviously a light coverage foundation. It’s not dewy nor matte, but it gives of a satin finish. I prefer this cause semi-matte flatters more people than the flat out matte look.
It has a pump so plus points for hygiene! It’s also really sturdy and you can control it really well so it doesn’t give out excess product.
Final Verdict
For people with normal skin, you are so lucky cause this foundation will look perfect on you! It’s really natural yet it evens out the skin tone and gives a decent amount of coverage. Even though this is hydrating, I warn people with dry skin cause this will accentuate your flaky spots even more. If you want to achieve the best look with this foundation, moisturise properly and exfoliate. For people with super oily skin, I think this will be a bit tricky to work with. The oily spots in my face began to look shiny in about  2/3 hours even though I powdered them. If you really want to try this foundation, maybe it’s better to put a mattifying primer before applying this. It certainly doesn’t stay for 16 hours.. I mean, what kind of foundation does that!? It looks best on me for about 6 hours, but the longest I’ve worn this was 12 hours. It faded but it didn’t look blotchy or flaky, unlike what my other foundations did.

Fall Scents

Hello my Loves!

I’m a big fan of Yankee Candles. I usually have a big stash on the go at any one time and burn them as often as I can. However, I’ve only ever tried the sampler votives and medium tumblers – I like to change my scents often so a large jar has never really appealed to me. The samplers I’ve always struggled with, I could never find the right holder for them so they either spilled over the edge or melted into a big puddle at the bottom, leaving a large amount of wax to be wasted. That, and they’re never quite strong enough to fill a larger room; my bedroom is fine because it’s quite small.



When I ran out of my latest stash from summer, I decided that this season I would opt for some wax tarts. They usually work out to be the same price as the samplers, but from what I heard they’re quite a bit stronger and last a bit longer too. So, with that in mind I took off to eBay see what I could find. I ended up coming across a listing from ‘theonestopyankeeshop’, where you could choose your own selection of ten from those listed for £10.50. This listing included the autumn collection which are November Rain, Lake Sunset, Vanilla Chai and Salted Caramel. They also had the two Halloween tarts – Candy Corn and Witches Brew (Which I will of course be burning on the occasion) and the Christmas ones, which I will buy a bit nearer to the time. I sent off my selection to the seller and they turned up three days later; I’m pretty pleased with their efficiency so I will be buying from them again!

I’m sat burning the Salted Caramel one in the living room right now and I am suitably impressed. In any case, I think a future of wax tarts is on the cards and if you’re one who likes to change their scents often then consider these a wise investment!

What are your favourite fall scents?

Nails of the week

I love a good raspberry shade, especially at this time of year. If you’re like me and have a pink undertone this shade has the right amount of blue in it while still being warm.

Barry M raspberry nail varnish swatches beauty blog beautiful red crimson (1)Barry M raspberry nail varnish swatches beauty blog beautiful red crimson (3)

I love Barry M nail varnishes. They’re brilliant quality for the price tag and really do last quite a while. Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend!

Friday Favourite!


Bare Minerals Stroke of Light – Eye Brightener

One of my biggest beauty concerns sadly is my under eye area since I suffer from discolouration and puffiness. So while I was wandering around the beauty counters, this product caught my eye.

. The Stroke Of Light concealer is about medium coverage at the most, so if your dark circles are on the heavy side this may not be the concealer for you. That being said, this product works great on me. What I love is that it covers my circles, brightens my eye area, and hydrates. This concealer doesn’t look cakey at all!

I am really impressed with this product. My trusty collection concealer is fabulous but is a bit thick for me sometimes for under my eye area. Lately I have been using that concealer on other areas like my nose and chin and the Stroke Of Light concealer under my eyes and I am all good to go!

Here is to looking wide awake even after those long nights of…I’ll let you fill in the blank with your favorite activity (mine unfortunately can be doing the night shift at the bar).

What are you favorite concealers? Are there any that you think work really well for under eye circles?