Neom Organics – Real Luxury


Hello my Loves!

As a total candle junkie I love trying new scents so when I saw this Neom Candle in TK Maxx for 50% off it’s retail price I couldn’t resist. TK Max is definitely one of my fave places to pick up expensive home fragrances for a much more purse friendly price.

The scent itself is a complex blend of 24 of the purest possible essential oils including lavender, jasmine & Brazilian rosewood, all expertly blended to help you feel calm and banish stress.

The lavender to me is the most prominent tone so this candle is perfect for those who have trouble switching off or trouble sleeping. The name is very suiting as the  scent is pure luxury or as my friend stated, ” Your house smells super posh.”

The candle’s scent easily fills a room so you will get plenty of use out of it’s 50 hour burn time, I tend to only have to light it for around an hour and find the scent lasts for the rest of the evening.

Have your tried any of Neom’s range?

Bomb Cosmetics – Cherry Bakewell

bomb cosmetics - cherry bakewell

Hello my Loves!

Now like most of us I’m a huge candle addict, if I go into a shop that sells candles and I can’t help but have a wee sniff. My friends constantly make fun of me for being unable to leave Primark without coming out with a packet of tea lights, who can blame me, they’re a total bargain.

However as much as they mock me for it, whenever they give me gift’s for whatever reason you can guarantee that there is at least one candle in the mix, so really they’re only aiding the addiction.

Which leads me to receiving the lovely Cherry Bakewell from Bomb Cosmetics. Normally I can be a bit fussy with cherry scents as I often find they can be a tad synthetic and overly sweet for my taste so I was really surprised how much I enjoyed this scent. Cherry Bakewell’s were a huge part of my childhood, my birthday parties weren’t complete without them being part of the menu which is why my friend Becky chose it for me. The sweet scent of the cherry and marzipan really create an uplifting scent that left me feeling nostalgic.

I felt the scent really managed to fill the room well and I could still smell it in the air the next morning which is always a nice bonus.

I will definitely be checking out some of the other scents that bomb cosmetics has to offer.

What candles are you loving at the moment?

Tasha x

The Body Shop – Polynesian Tiare

body shop poly

Hello my loves!

Now most of you know that I’m a huge Body Shop fan, they always have really good offers and promotions(perfect for gift buying) and I was lucky enough to be sent a few items from their new Polynesian Range.

I received the Shower Gel, Body Mist and Eau de Toilette. I believe that there may also be a body butter in the range. The colour scheme is a nice bright yellow with a flower pattern, perfect for the summer.

I would describe the scent as very tropical, it really reminded me of being on a nice Sunny Beach when on Holiday, it’s a nice mix of vanilla and coconut.

The shower gel creates a really nice lather from not much product so a little really does go a long way especially if you use a shower puff.  The scent does last a while for a shower gel which is a nice bonus.

I love Body Shops Body Mists to carry in my bag for a quick spritz throughout the day. The packaging is really nice and strong since it is a glass bottle so you know there’s not going to be any accidental leaks when your not looking. This scent it perfect for a quick refreshing pick me up when I’m stuck in the office. Again the scent is quite long lasting so you don’t need to go overboard with the spraying.

Last but by no means least is the Eau de Toilette. I think this is perfect for day wear rather than night time as I prefer a heavier scent (I love their Red Musk) I received so many compliments at work about what perfume I was wearing and so many were surprised it was from the Body Shop, most thought it would be something more expensive (I believe it will retail at £18) I did need a top up at lunchtime for the scent to stay prominent but you could still tell it was there it was just more subtle.  I think this would be the perfect perfume to take away with you on a sunny holiday or just to get you in the mood for Summer at home.

What is your favourite scent from The Body Shop?

Tasha x

Lush Easter 2016: Humpty Dumpty

Lush Humpty Dumpty

Hello my Loves

Lush seasonal collections have to be my favourite time of the year to pick up some bath goodies. They’re always fun and colourful and vibrant collections with plenty of amazing products I can’t wait to get my hands on and I was most excited for the Humpty Dumpty bath bomb. Now at £6.95 he is a pricey fellow but it should be used for 3 bath’s so I think it balances out (plus with the price of chocolate eggs these days I think its pretty reasonable) The egg “shell” should crack down the middle leaving you 2 halves and contain a mini fried egg inside that can be used for your third bath. I will admit that I found cracking the egg open a bit of a struggle and had to use a knife to get it to split which felt slightly cruel to Humpty.

Humpty has a really nice citrus scent – Brazilian Orange Oil and Bergamot Oil – which creates a lovely uplifting bath-time experience. The bath-bomb turns your water a beautiful vibrant blue and yellow that really creates the prettiest bath.

I loved this bath bomb I promise Humty Dumpty wont leave you hanging. 😉

Have you tried any of Lush’s Easter range?

Tasha x

Friday Favourite

body shop bb cream

Hello my Loves!

With the weather in Scotland being absolutely miserable recently my skin hasn’t been the happiest.

I try not to wear as much foundation in the winter months to give my skin a chance to breath so the light coverage and hydration of this bb cream has been a saviour.

I often struggle to find bb creams to suit my skin tone as most tend to be far to dark for me and I’m left looking a touch orange so I was happy to see that the body shop’s  bb cream had a light shades available.

 I buff it in with a real techniques expert face brush and I think  it blends really evenly and does give you a lovely hint of colour and pretty good coverage for a bb cream. For stubborn blemishes you will need a little concealer for them. But I just loved the dewy glow it gives my skin! Not one for those who like matte skin however, but i personally love the dewy look! Plus you can always pop a little powder on top.

Do you like bb creams?

If so, which one’s would you recommend.

Tasha x

Friday Favourite


Hello my loves!

Now I know what you may be thinking, a Christmas Candle in February? Well my favourite type of scents like a lot of people are rich cinnamon based smells which basically means my flat smells like Christmas all year round. Don’t get me wrong I love lighter floral/clean scents in the Summer but there’s just something about traditional Christmas scents that just make me feel cosy and warm which is definitely needed with the current Scottish weather.

I picked this set up in the Christmas sales and have been putting off burning it as I thought it was just too pretty to use but I can always keep the little tumbler and find some use for it.

This is the gorgeous Christmas Wish Home Collection by Neom Organics.

The set itself contains a single wick 150g candle with approximately 35 hours burn time and a matching room mist.

The smell itself is a gorgeous mix of mandarin, cinnamon and Tonka bean and is a part of Neom’s Destress Range.

The fragrance is so strong, with an amazing throw that fills the whole of my lounge and the scent can even be smelt in the next room.. it’s such a good quality candle, with such a pure scent due to high percentage of essential oils within the wax. You really can detect all three notes whilst the candle is alight.

It’s the epitome of glamour, luxury and organic goodness – all among the reasons I’ve come to adore Neom beauty and home fragrances.  Real passion goes into these products… and you can tell.

Do you have any candle suggestions for me? What are your favourite scents?

Tasha x

New Skincare! Friday Favorites!!


Body Shop Vitamin E

Hello Everyone!

Today I thought I would mention 2 new favorites in my current skincare regime!

I’m slightly obsessed with the body shop, I think they produce good quality products for a good price range and I can never seem to go into the shop without buying something.

My two newest products are from the Vitamin E Range, now as someone who has combination/sensitive skin the consultants in the body shop are never really sure which of their range to put me in, most will point me towards the tea tree section as that’s the best for combination whereas others will direct me to the aloe/seaweed range which is aimed for us more sensitive souls, so with that in mind I tend to just browse by myself and see what I like the look or smell of.

The first product that caught my interest was the Vitamin E Overnight Serum in Oil. As someone with naturally combination skin I often tend to shy away from skin oils whether it be in moisturizer or cleansers but I was pleasantly surprised with this light weight oil. The consultant explained a few details about it to be and said it is best used in place of a moisturizer but I find it works better for me as a serum, I lightly massage it over a cleansed face and leave to soak in before applying my moisturizer on top. I was worried it would be too heavy or cause imbalance of my skin but have found it works a treat at providing a but more hydration and has helped slightly with my acne scarring. Iv’e had it over a month now and still have plenty left so unless another skin oil catches my eye this definitely be repurchased.

The other item I got was the Vitamin E Eye Cube.

I mainly use this in the morning and still use an eye cream at night as I prefer a slightly richer formula for the evenings. It is said to help reduce the signs of under eye circles and reduce puffiness. In the mornings I will pop this on a good 10 minutes before my makeup just so it has time to absorbed, I find it has a slightly cooling sensation which is a nice refreshing feeling that helps me wake up in the morning especially since I have given up coffee 🙁 It does help slightly with dark circles but I would always use concealer on top for those days when I get less than 8 hours.

Have your tried either of these products? What did you think of them?

Also any new Body Shop Products that I must try?

Friday Favourite

Autumn has officially arrived, that means my routines have completely changed again. Usually, my oily skin goes to the combination side, It gets dry and flaky on some parts while the rest remains oily.

I got one of Bourjois’ famous products, the Healthy Mix Serum Foundation in 51 Vanilla. This is the newer version of the original formula, the Healthy Mix Foundation. This product is different cause it’s in a gel form so it’s supposed to be more lightweight than the other one.


The Healthy Mix foundations are said to be a dupe for Chanel Vitalumiere since Bourjois Paris is owned by Chanel. It has 30 ml of product and I got it in boots as Bourjois have any 2 products for £14 at the moment. Its claims are “instant blending gel, flawless complexion, undetectable coverage“. The bottle is made out of plastic and is really slim. I also got the Healthy Balance powder, but it’s too dark for me so I can’t make a proper review of it.

It is hypoallergenic, so it’s perfect for people with sensitive skin like me. As you can see, the coverage ranking only has 1/3 marked boxes so it’s obviously a light coverage foundation. It’s not dewy nor matte, but it gives of a satin finish. I prefer this cause semi-matte flatters more people than the flat out matte look.
It has a pump so plus points for hygiene! It’s also really sturdy and you can control it really well so it doesn’t give out excess product.
Final Verdict
For people with normal skin, you are so lucky cause this foundation will look perfect on you! It’s really natural yet it evens out the skin tone and gives a decent amount of coverage. Even though this is hydrating, I warn people with dry skin cause this will accentuate your flaky spots even more. If you want to achieve the best look with this foundation, moisturise properly and exfoliate. For people with super oily skin, I think this will be a bit tricky to work with. The oily spots in my face began to look shiny in about  2/3 hours even though I powdered them. If you really want to try this foundation, maybe it’s better to put a mattifying primer before applying this. It certainly doesn’t stay for 16 hours.. I mean, what kind of foundation does that!? It looks best on me for about 6 hours, but the longest I’ve worn this was 12 hours. It faded but it didn’t look blotchy or flaky, unlike what my other foundations did.

Friday Favourite!


Bare Minerals Stroke of Light – Eye Brightener

One of my biggest beauty concerns sadly is my under eye area since I suffer from discolouration and puffiness. So while I was wandering around the beauty counters, this product caught my eye.

. The Stroke Of Light concealer is about medium coverage at the most, so if your dark circles are on the heavy side this may not be the concealer for you. That being said, this product works great on me. What I love is that it covers my circles, brightens my eye area, and hydrates. This concealer doesn’t look cakey at all!

I am really impressed with this product. My trusty collection concealer is fabulous but is a bit thick for me sometimes for under my eye area. Lately I have been using that concealer on other areas like my nose and chin and the Stroke Of Light concealer under my eyes and I am all good to go!

Here is to looking wide awake even after those long nights of…I’ll let you fill in the blank with your favorite activity (mine unfortunately can be doing the night shift at the bar).

What are you favorite concealers? Are there any that you think work really well for under eye circles?


Friday Favourites

nakd bars


So for the last few weeks I’ve been trying to eat healthier as I’ve got a few parties and my graduation coming up so I want to look and feel my best. Every morning I start my day with oatmeal or granola and I’ve definitely noticed my energy level going up. The problem with working in the beauty industry is that you get irregular shifts so its difficult to establish a set eating routine. I pick and snack during my shifts as your breaks and lunch really depend on what your client column looks like that day so I need to start snacking on healthier options rather than crisps and sweets.  I discovered these Nakd bars when I was having a nosey in Holland & Barrett’s Penny Sale and I’m hooked! There’s so many different flavours to try so theres something for everyone. My favorite have to be the Cashew Cookie or Rhubarb and Custard.

I’d love to hear if you have any healthy tasty snacks I could take to work!